SnipCSS Roadmap

Update | May 08, 2023

SnipCSS started with a basic concept - to copy styles accurately so I don't spend too much time doing front-end development.    To be honest, I don't like CSS.  I'm a backend developer, and design has always been my weak point.  At my dayjob we've always had a designer/front-end dev.  They do the HTML/CSS and I make it work with the data we have.

Whenever I had a good-looking design with 'lorem ipsum' data I quickly built web apps without much hassle.  But when I didn't have that, especially on my own projects, I spent countless hours second-guessing how things look and wrangling CSS.

There had to be a better way.  SnipCSS is my solution to solve to my own web design problem.  I thought if I build this, I'll never have to worry about design again...

It turned out a little more complicated than that.  I had to start thinking about scoping the snippets, how I'd easily make it so I can inject data, and after a few features related to that I think it's pretty good at making small reusable components.

Now what's the next step?  What's the end goal?

The goal now is...  Webflow for developers.   Don't get me wrong - I hate Webflow, I despise visual designers with dropdowns to edit CSS.  Doing my job like that would be a nightmare.  So I'm not going to make Webflow.  Instead I want a tool for developers to get a rough prototype of all the sections you want of a website, so you can dive into the code and make it work.  

All code is yours, put on your servers, you do all the backend however you want in your environment, but SnipCSS handles the front-end prototype. All you have to do is clean it up and make it interactive.  That's the vision, and its a huge one, so I've still got a long way to go.  If you want to support that goal, consider getting a subscription to the Pro Version.  I really want enough sales to quit my dayjob and work on this full-time.